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GST Filing

File your GST Return with ease! Your Business, Our Responsibility.

Let India’s recommended Business Taxation Experts File your GST Returns on Time | Digital Assistance to any Corner of the Nation

Apply for GST Filing

    Note: Once you are Ready for GST Filing, you’ll receive Rs 399 adjustment from your selected package from us

    What is GST Filing?

    Every GST registered organization in India is legally responsible for filing a total of 26 GST return filings in a financial year. It may sound problematic to meet up the regulations but with the GST experts’ proper online guidance in Legal Vidur, you would be able to complete all the needful steps with ease. The taxpayers are liable to pay the GST filings within a preset time as the Govt. of India use these returns to evaluate the entire tax liability in the country.

    * Once you are Ready to Setup your Dream Company, you’ll receive Rs 399 adjustment from your selected package from us



    Basic Plan

    3 month GST return filing
    Rs 2999
    • FREE GST Registration
    • Dedicated GST expert
    • GSTR-1 Return Filing
    • GSTR-3B Return Filing
    • Input Tax Credit Reconciliation
    • Data modeling in Excel & Tally
    • Phone, Chat & Email Support
    • Any Accounting Software
    • Upto 200 Entries Per Month

    Premium Plan

    Yearly GST return filing
    Rs 7999
    • FREE GST Registration
    • FREE GST Consultation
    • Dedicated GST expert
    • GSTR-1 Return Filing
    • GSTR-3B Return Filing
    • GSTR-9 Return Filing
    • Input Tax Credit Reconciliation
    • Data modeling in Excel & Tally
    • Phone, Chat & Email Support
    • Any Accounting Software
    • Upto 500 Entries Per Month

    Nil Return

    Startup Monthly Plan
    Rs 799
    • Monthly Nil GSTR-3B
    • Monthly Nil GSTR-1
    • Zero Sales invoices
    • Zero Purchase invoices
    • No Transaction during the month
    • Free Bank Account updation
    • No E-way bill
    • No credit note
    • No debit note

    How we Work?


    Fill-up the form & make the payments


    Get the call from the GST Expert


    Upload the Required documents


    ARN and TRN number will be generated


    We will execute the entire GST filing procedure for your business

    The Process

    Monthly GST returns for any business organization operating in India. Based on GSTR-1, all other forms of GST filings can be submitted for the month.
    • The due date of GSTR-1 is the 10th of every month.

    GSTR-2 is filed for providing all the details regarding the inward supplies of goods and services

    In this type of GST return, the details related to all kinds of inward deliveries of goods/services from registered suppliers are presented. Here the data are obtained from the GSTR-1 process only.
    •   The due date of GSTR-2A is the 15th of every month.

    Here the input tax credits and the synopsis of the entire monthly returns of all kinds of inward and outward supplies are needed to be submitted.
    • The due date of GSTR-3B is the 15th of every month.
    Synopsis of every outward supply along with the detail of all sorts of paid tax on imported services. This is executed on yearly basis. • The due date is the 30th of the month succeeding in the financial year for GSTR-4.
    It is a mandatory GST filing for all business personalities. Here the details of the inward-outward supplies and the tax liability are needed to be submitted. The due date of GSTR-5 is the 20th of every month.

    This category especially works for the OIDAR (Online Information & Database Access or Retrieval) to showcase the details about the services provided to any individual or organization.

    • The due date of GSTR-5A is the 20th of every month.
    It is a system-generated summary report on the inward supplies of a tax-payer.
    • The due date of GSTR-6A is the 13th of every month.
    After the verification and acceptance of the furnished documents in GSTR-6A, this particular GST filing can be executed.
    • The due date of GSTR-6 is the 13th of every month.
    Here the details of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) under GST, TDS refund are submitted for further proceedings.
    • The due date of GSTR-7 is the 18th of the subsequent month.
    It is better known as TDS Certificate as well. It is generated no sooner than the GSTR-7 form filing is done.
    This particular filing is for every e-commerce who gathers Tax at Source (TCS). Here the business personnel hands the details of the suppliers in the particular e-commerce entity.
    • The due date of GSTR-8 is the 10th of every month.
    This annual GST filing contains information about all the sales, purchases, refunds, or input tax credit by all tax-payers, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) unit, SEZ developers, and many more.

    GST filing 9A is for them who have selected for the Composition Scheme in any part of the same financial year. In this category inwards, outwards, suppliers, input tax credits are included.

    Document Required

    For the process of GST return filing, one business entity is obliged to submit the following documents


    The purchase invoice


    Input/purchase credits


    GSTIN of the seller/business identity


    Summary of the documents issued during the GST Registration process


    Type of invoice


    Amount of applicable SGST/CGST/IGST


    Invoice number & date


    Taxable value/GST rate


    Consumer details



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    Abolition of the cascading effect

    GST filing simplifies the entire tax process by eliminating all the tax-on-tax or the cascading method.

    An organized tax system

    The business identities are allowed here to pay the entire tax amount at a single time. GST return filing has replaced the chaotic older tax system.

    Business opportunities

    By the collaboration of the Indian tax system, the business entities are now enjoying a nationwide market without paying different taxes to the State Governments.

    Helping the start-ups

    The preceding VAT was compulsory for any company with an annual turnover of INR 5 lacs which acted as troublesome for any start-up entity. GST return filing has replaced the VAT, benefiting the start-ups with all sense.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    On the recommendations of the GST Council, a new scheme of Quarterly Returns with Monthly Payments (QRMP) will be introduced from 1st January 2021. Under this scheme, taxpayers with upto Rs. 5 Crores Aggregate Annual Turnover (AATO) in the previous and the current financial year would be given an option to file their Return/Statement in Form GSTR-1 and Form GSTR-3B Quarterly with a simple payment challan for the first two months of the quarter.

    Yes. Any taxpayer can apply for online GST Return Filing in Online Legal India. Our GST experts here will completely guide you regarding the process.
    Every Individual/ Entity registered in GST is liable for timely return filing.
    • AATO Scheme
    Eligibility ; Aggregate Annual Turnover in
    F/Y 2019-20 is upto 5 Cr. AND
    FY 2020-21 is also upto 5 Cr.

    Then eligible businesses can opt for this scheme.

    Under this scheme, Taxpayer i.e you are given an option to file return/statement in Form GSTR 1( Outward Supply details) and GSTR 3B( Return) on Quarterly basis ( For eg. Apr’ 21- Jun’ 21 only one time i.e upto 20th July 2021.

    However, taxpayers have to pay tax through a simple payment challan.
    No. In the North-Eastern states of India, the GST limit comes to INR 20 lakh for all types of businesses. In states like Meghalaya, Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, and Arunachal Pradesh; the GST limit is INR 10 lakhs.
    As per the GST regulations, the Composition Scheme applies to all types of businesses with an annual turnover up to INR 50 lakhs. These taxpayers will need to pay a predominant percentage of his/her turnovers.
    Yes. GST is mandatory for all types of business identities. It applies to every kind of traders, manufacturers, and providers. It can also extend to writers, bloggers and dealers who have obtained registration for the creative works.
    One identical GST return filing form can be used for filing SGST, CGST, and IGST. In this form, there are different columns for each one of these categories and it will have to be filled based on the type of business.
    No. It is not doable to revise the paid GST returns. But changes can be made based on the details given in the next return form alteration part.
    In case of delay, the individual is needed to pay INR 100/day. Along with that, a fine has to be paid with an 18% per annum rate.
    Business personnel would not be able to pay the taxes after filing the GST returns. Instead, the tax amount should be paid before the GST return filing procedure. Failing to do so, the return will be considered invalid by law.

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