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Trademark Objection

Reply To Your Objected Trademark can help you file a professional reply to a trademark objection in 5 to 10 working days, subject to government and client processing time.

Trademark Objection Reply Form

    Note: Once you are Ready for Trademark Objection, you’ll receive Rs 399 adjustment from your selected package from us

    •   Incorrect Name of the Trademark Applicant
    •   Incorrect Address on the Trademark Application
    •   Failure in filing Trademark Form TM-48
    •   Filing of Incorrect Trademark Form
    •   Trademark filing under the Wrong Trademark Class
    •   The proposed Trademark already exists
    •   Trademark lacks distinctive character
    •   Vague specifications of Goods and Services
    •   Deceptive Trademark
    •   User affidavit not attached
    • Brand Logo
    • Examination Report
    • Supporting Proof of Logo ownership

    * Once you are Ready to Setup your Dream Company, you’ll receive Rs 399 adjustment from your selected package from us


    Basic Plan

    Limited Offer
    Rs 2499
    • Free Consultation with TM expert
    • Drafting and filing of TM objection
    • Exclusive for trademark applications filed by LegalVidur
    • Chat, Call & Email Support

    Standard Plan

    Limited Offer
    Rs 4599
    • Free Consultation with TM expert
    • Drafting and filing of TM objection
    • For trademark applications filed by third-parties
    • Fresh Form-48
    • Chat, Call & Email Support

    Premium Plan

    Limited Offer
    Rs 8499
    • Free Consultation with TM expert
    • Drafting and filing of TM objection
    • The first interview, if required, will be attended by the lawyers
    • Trademark rectification
    • Chat, Call & Email Support

    How we work?


    Fill the form & Make the Payment


    Get the call from TM expert


    Expert will analyze Examination report


    Drafting of Objection Reply


    Expert will send you the draft for approval


    Congratulations! Your Reply is Submitted to the Examiner Online



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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    A trademark is a kind of intellectual property which consists of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks.
    During the process of registration the examiner should satisfy with the trademark which means the mark should be compelled with all criteria and rules for registration, in case the examiner feels unsatisfied with the trademark he may object the it. He will intimate to the applicant and the applicant need to respond within thirty days and such reply need to satisfy the examiner, on failing to reply the application will be abandoned and failing to satisfy the examiner may reject the application. Hence, reply should be crafted by an expert of trademark and Legal.
    You can get the examination report of the trademark objection on the website of IPI India.
    TM expert drafts and files a reply within the 3 working days of objection received subject to the availability of the documents
    As far as the status is showing objected you can be able to file the reply for your trademark objection mentioned in the examination report
    In case the trademark resembles or infringes any existing trademark or any other reason it might cause damages, in such cases the aggrieved party may file an objection to the examiner and the examiner may solve the issue based upon the parties statements and evidences. When the objection arose the examiner will inform to the applicant and he need to reply within sixty days on failing to do so the applicant will deem to be abandoned.
    You can submit the reply to the trademark objection report until the alert ‘Awaiting Reply to Examination Report’ is displayed. If you fail to submit reply much after the deadline, your trademark objection status will be marked as ‘Abandoned’.
    The application is published in the trademark journal for next 3 months, where it can be objected by a third party. If no opposition has been made by the third party, trademark Registration Certificate will be issued by the Trademark Registry.
    The objection can be made with respect to the trademark statue and rules, which expressly restrains the registration of the trademark on basis of two ground absolute and relative grounds.
    The reason for the objection can be many either regarding the documents filed or regarding the fulfillment of criteria mandated by the statue and rules.
    The reply to the Trademark exam report should be submitted within 30 days from the date of examination report raised. If you didn’t file the reply within time, your trademark use rights shall be revoked.

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