Trademark is a unique name logo, tagline, or slogan that is used to represent a business. After its registration, any logo, tagline, or slogan cannot be used by any other organization for its commercial benefit. In other words, a trademark is a branding of a company. Branding of unique name, logo, or symbol is very important for a company as it creates an impression on the consumer’s brain and helps to increase the sales of the products. Let’s consider you have started a business and make a lot of efforts to make it successful and to reach it to a higher level; where you have to create your own brand value. Now, someone has started the business with the same name as yours without any permission, so it could impact the brand equity of your business. Also, the hard work and efforts you have done to reach that level but the other person is taking all those advantages, benefits, and profits. To protects your business identity, you can register your intellectual property legally. A trademark identifies a commodity. Which company item is this? Every company means its own different brand and people. The trademark is printed on the item. So that the company of the item can be identified and no one can use it for any other company. Trademark is a type of intellectual property, which is also a kind of chain design. Trademark is a very important asset for business which gives identity to the company.

Types of Trademark

There are 3 types of trademarks. Let us tell you about the types of trademarks.

1. SERVICE MARK: Service marks help us to keep our service safe. It has a lot of important to have a service mark. To identify and differentiate the services of one provider from those provided by others, and to indicate the source of the services. 

2. STRONG TRADEMARK: FANCIFUL, ARBITRARY, AND SUGGESTIVE TRADEMARK: These trademarks provide the highest protection and are given the title of Strong Trademark. A trademark or service mark that is distinctive and used in a fictitious, arbitrary, or fictitious way in relation to a product – compare weak mark. Note: A strong mark is granted more trademark protection than a weak mark.

3. WEAK TRADEMARK: MERELY, DESCRIPTIVE AND GENERIC: These trademarks are of the weakest kind. No one can expect protection from them. These include descriptive and generic trademarks. Descriptive trademarks only describe some aspect of your products or services without identifying or differentiating the source of those goods or services.

Advantages of Trademark

Trademark Registration

Every business needs its separate identity to become unique in the market; so, trademark registration is mandatory in this case. This registration provides the right to sue the person or business that uses a similar name or identity as yours. It helps your business identity to stand out from the rest of the market and protects a trademark from external infringement.

The Trademark registration procedure can be divided into the following steps-

Follow the steps given below to do trademark registration.

 How to check Trademark Registration Status?

To check the status of trademark registration, you have to follow the steps given below.

Does a trademark have an end period?

Friends, like patents and copyrights, trademarks do not expire, after some time, once the trademark company provides you with registered trademarks, then there is no limit to it.

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