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FIEO Registration

FIEO Registration Form

    Personal information:

    Overview of FIEO Registration

    FIEO is the acronym of Federation of Indian Export Organization. Ministry of trade and commerce and private trade and Industry jointly instituted FIEO in 1965. The main functioning of the Organization is to promote international trade and is responsible for representing and assisting entrepreneurs and exporters in a foreign market. Thus, FIEO is working actively to extend and enhance India’s market and exports.

    The Organization represents the interest of government recognized exporting firms viz. Export House/Star Export House/Trading House. FIEO is not only involved in promoting the export of merchandise but also involved in promoting the export of services.

    Types of Membership for RCMC Registration under FIEO

    The membership rules of FIEO are governed by the Government of India’s Foreign Trade Policy and Memorandum and Articles of Association of FIEO. According to the foreign trade policy, an exporter needs to get the Registration- cum –Membership Certificate (RCMC) for availing the benefits provided to the Exporter under this policy. For Registration, FIEO has been recognized as Export Promotion council by government.

    There are two kinds of membership for the registration of RCMC under FIEO:

    FIEO Registration

    Ordinary Membership

    The name here itself signifies that the membership is the basic membership and this form of membership will be for organizations that have recently entered into the export and import business.

    FIEO Registration

    Associate Membership

    The associate membership is for the organizations that have previously been in the export and import business over a long period of time. The charges imposed for the associate membership is more on the basis of the fee in additional to the nominal rate of GST.

    What are the Services of FIEO?

    The activities of Export Promotion of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations (FIEO) are as given below:

    What are the Benefits of FIEO Registration?

    Global Exposure

    FIEO registration gives the exporters a proper guidance related to international exposure.

    Guidance Via Online Chat

    FIEO registration holder exporter has the access to necessary guidance through online chat on issues like FTP &aamp; corporate laws etc.

    Free Online Business

    Portal like e-bay provides convenience to run free online stores to FIEO Members for 6 months & Amazon provide the same offer for 3 months.

    Subsidy On Air Travel

    FIEO registration helps the exporters to avail the benefit of 10% discount on all domestic & international air-tickets.

    Easy And Affordable Credit Rating

    One of the prominent credit rating agencies CRISIL allows 10% discount on credibility analysis services for FIEO exporters.

    Compliance with the Government

    An organization or company that has taken this registration then it will be mandatory for them to comply with the rules and laws of the Government.

    What are the Eligibility Criteria for RCMC registration?

    The applicant should adhere the following criterion while applying to the FIEO for getting the RCMC certificate:

    Merchandiser (Merchant) or Exporter

    Declaration of the focal Line of Business

    Consent from Board of the FIEO

    Documents Required to obtain RCMC/FIEO Registration

    Exporter obtaining RCMC can provide an application in the specified format as given in appendices register and can become a member of EPC.

    For the purpose of becoming the member, the following documents are required to submit.

    1. Application for Registration –cum- Membership, providing the business line information.

    2. A self-attested copy of the Importer and Exporter Code (IEC) number.

    3. Bank Statement of the applicant.

    4. SSI/IEM certificate, where the applicant is in the business of manufacturing.

    5 Declaration in relation to the export and import effected during precedent Financial Year.

    A copy of Memorandum and Article of Association in case companies and where partnership firms are applicant then partnership deed needs to be submitted.

    Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate

    According to the Foreign Trade Policy, an exporter is required to get a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) for profiting different advantages under the Policy. For enrollment purposes, FIEO has been perceived by the Government as an Export Promotion Council.

    Validity of RCMC/FIEO Registration

    The RCMC shall be deemed to be valid from 1ST April from the licensing year and shall be valid for five years.

    RCMC Registration under Export Promotional Council

    India has total number of 26 Export Promotion Councils and 9 commodities board. EPC and Commodities Board are responsible to issue RCMC. Central government has given them the authority to issue RCMC to the exporters. Every EPC and the commodities board in India classify itself on the basis of type of products.

    Implication Related to Change in Constitution of Business of RCMC Holder

    • If there is an adjustment in possession, constitution, name or address of an exporter, it is compulsory for the RCMC holder to imply the change to the enrolling authority with a month from the date of such change. Enlisting authority acknowledges defers that are made on merits.
    • Exporter outfits quarterly return/subtleties of the fares of various products to the concerned enrolling authority. In any case, the status holders likewise send quarterly come back to FIEO in the configuration that is indicated by FIEO.



      Registration Procedure for FIEO Registration

      • An exporter craving to acquire a RCMC, needs to proclaim his primary line of business in the application made to the Export Promotion Council identifying with that line of business.
      • If the fare item isn’t secured by any Export Promotion Council/Commodity Board and so on, RCMC in regard thereof is to be acquired from FIEO.
      • If there should be an occurrence of multi item exporters, not enlisted with any EPC, where principle line of business is yet to be settled, the exporter needs to acquire RCMC from Federation of Indian Exporters Organization (FIEO).

      How to apply for Ordinary Membership for the RCMC registration?

      There are two kinds of membership under the RCMC registration system. If the applicant is applying for the ordinary membership then compliance with the following steps have to be considered:


      Go to the website of the FIEO

      The first step for the merchant and exporter is to proceed online to the website The applicant will have the option to either click on the tab of membership. Then click on “how to apply for RCMC registration”. Besides this the application can be downloaded from the FIEO website from the download tab.


      Click on Application for Membership Online

      There is a sub tabs under the membership main tab. The applicant has to click on that application and he will be redirected to a further webpage where he will be required to fill up the credentials. This will consist of the username, its password and the number of import-export code (IEC Number).


      Fill in the information provided

      On the given membership tab, there will be one more tab which is called ordinary membership. The exporter will have to provide information under the ordinary membership. This information shall include name, the address, the status of the export house (whether the exporter is a One Star Export House or Two Star Export House or Three Star Export House or Four Star Export House or Five Star Export Houses or Service Provider or any Registered Member or Chamber of Commerce or EPC or Commodity Board or Association of Institutes.


      Provide the Mandatory Details

      Name of the particular firm and the kind of the exports processed by the firm would be mentioned compulsory.


      Provide the Entity type

      In the subsequent step, the applicant has to state the type of entity in the given box. This would specify if the entity is accompany or a partnership.


      Provide information on the Key Management Executives

      Subsequently, the applicant has to give information on the key management executives of the organization. This would cover details and information on the shareholders and directors of the company.


      Provide Letter of Authority

      For the final step, the applicant has to give the letter of authority. This letter will specify about the authority that will represent the applicant in the application of FIEO. It is mandatory for the applicant to provide such information.

      How to file an application for an Associate Membership under FIEO?

      The instructions to be followed for filing an application for an associate membership:

      1. Download the application form

      2. Indicate the type of business

      3. Fill in the details related to the business

      4. Provide Documents

      5. Provide the Letter of Authority

      The Export Promotion Council may de-register the Exporter for a specific span of time for violating the conditions of Registration after proving reasonable opportunity to defend them.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      RCMC is a membership certificate issued by Export Promotional Council or commodity board of India. Total validity of RCMC is of 5 years.
      The benefit availed by the Exporter who is a registered member of FIEO is;

      Flat 10% discount on domestic and international flights booking
      Exporter even receives a Visa Recommendation letter, for the complimentary basis for travelling to different countries on the business invitation.
      All FIEO registered exporters receive a 10% discount on credibility analysis service. This encourages Exporter for competence and gradually boost their credibility.
      All RCMC holders require to furnish their details related to quarterly return along with the export made by the Exporter. They need to disclose relevant information to the concerned Export Promotion Council.
      As per the Foreign Trade Policy, an exporter is required to get a Registration-cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) for availing various benefits under the Policy. For registration purposes, FIEO has been recognized by the Government as an Export Promotion Council.
      According to Foreign trade policy of India the main intent of RCMC ( registration cum Membership certificate) is to give various benefits to Exporters from India to boost the exports from the country.
      For registration purposes, FIEO has been recognized by the Government as an Export Promotion Council. An exporter desiring to obtain an RCMC, has to declare his main line of business in the application made to the Export Promotion Council relating to that line of business.
      Its possible to exports but you cannot get quality certificate from government agencies like APEDA. and not get government benefits like duty draw back so that my advise you take RCMC to related your products Export Promotion Council.
      Export house is defined as a registered exporter holding a valid Export House Certificate issued by the Director general Export House of Foreign Trade in India.

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