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Health Trade License

Health Trade License Form

    Personal information:

    What is Health Trade License?

    In India, to deal with business affairs pertaining to goods and services that impact the consumer’s health, the government made it compulsory to secure a health license. 


    Benefits of Health Trade license

    Despite Being a Legal mandate, Health Trade License Renders Various Benefits to The Business Owner, as Shown Below:

    Features of Health Trade License

    Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, the health Trade License has various features such as:

    • Approved by the municipality for performing business
    • Helps in applying for other licenses
    • It is a primary basic License
    • Protects the owner from so many liabilities
    • Trade License registration ensures safety measures and guidelines



      Documents for Health Trade License

      1. Proof of payment of all taxes, fines, etc.

      2. PAN/TAN

      3. Site sanction plan

      4. Premises plan

      5. Ownership proof

      6. Copy of Electricity bills

      7. Copy of Water bills

      8. Medical certificate

      9. Self-declaration

      10. NOC from the commissioner of police/fire services department

      11. Water testing report

      12. List of ancillary commodities

      13. Sewer connection proof

      Procedure for Health Trade License

      The process of securing the health trade license differs state-wise as the municipal corporations of the respective state have the right to grant these licenses. The procedure for obtaining the health trade license is given below:

      Health Trade License Renewal

      The License is granted for a fixed time period, and it is required to be renewed. The application for its renewal should be filed before 30 days from the date of expiry. The failure to renew the license would attract the penalty as recommended by the authority.

      Mandatory Documents Need for License Renewal

      • Copy of the original license
      • Applicant’s identification proof
      • Proof of the payment of taxes relating to the property
      • Previous year challan
      • The procedure for renewal of a Health Trade license is similar to the procedure for obtaining it.

      Penalties relating to Non-Compliance

      If a business owner fails to obtain a health trade license before running his business, then the government can impose penalties and fines on such person or close his business.

      LegalVidur Services for Mandatory Licenses and Registrations

      • Purchase a Plan for Expert Assistance
      • Add Queries Regarding Health Trade License
      • Provide Documents to LegalVidur Expert
      • Prepare Application for Health Trade License+ Complete all Admissibility Criteria for Preliminary Screening
      • Complete Procedural Actions
      • Health Trade License at your Door Step!

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      As per Council decision, at the instance of the grant of a new license, commence from separate departments such as Estate-1811, EBR, Enforcement Department, Tax, etc., are required to safeguard the council's interest.
      While issuing no objection, such departments ensure that no illicit constructions are there in subject premise and dues are being paid on time besides maintaining adequate sanitary measures from a health viewpoint, which is scrutinized by the CMO of the area while deciding the application.
      Yes, Health License can be subjected to cancellation if the underlying norms are found to be breached.
      No, it is a mandatory requirement to have a health license before commencing the said business affairs. Businesses without valid health licenses would be penalized by the authority in accordance with the provisions of applicable bylaws.
      Director (Health License) has been entrusted with the responsibility of granting health authority.
      The health of the masses is the fundamental reason behind the grant of a Health trade license. The Municipal Corporation of the respective states has been entrusted with the responsibility of grating this license. A Health trade license is a mandate for businesses in goods and services that affect end-users health. Besides, it underpins several hygiene and safety norms for these businesses.

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